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Land Protection Projects Completed by
Valley Land Fund and Its Partners
Agawam 30 APR/CR Turtle breeding area near power plant site DFA/NHESP-DFW
Amherst 22 APR Farmland Town/DFA
Amherst 15 CR Farm/hayfield
Amherst 12 FEE Wooded upland
Amherst 19 FEE Woodland/Holyoke Range
Amherst 10 APR Addition to protected farmland
Amherst 10 APR Addition to existing APR; Northeast St. Town/DFA/Kestrel Trust
Amherst 15 APR Route 9 APR Town/DFA/Kestrel Trust
Amherst 22 APR Orchard/Holyoke Range
Amherst 101 FEE/CR/APR Aquifer/wetland and farmland; adj. to Rail Trail Town/DFA/Hampshire College
Amherst 49 APR Farmland adjacent to Town land and Wilkie APR DFA/Kestrel Trust/Town/AFT
Amherst 8.8 FEE Inholding between DEM parcels DEM?
Amherst 14 CR/trail Farmland; adj. to Rail Trail Town/Self-Help
Amherst 160 APR Second-to-last farm in APR block Amherst Comm. Pres. Cttee; Kestrel Trust
Ashfield 151 FEE Wet meadow/beaver flowage/vernal pools and Swift R. Franklin Land Trust; Town of Ashfield
Belchertown 6.4 FEE Woodland; Turkey Hill
Belchertown 40 FEE Aquifer area
Belchertown 112 FEE Wetlands; water supply/Lawrence Swamp recharge area Town/Kestrel/Self-Help
Belchertown 93 FEE Adjoins Cadwell Memorial Forest & Springfield watershed Belchertown
Bernardston 28 FEE Waterfowl area DFW
Blandford 275 FEE Watershed of Spfld. Reservoir; streams & wetlands Springfield Water Department
Blandford 69 FEE Watershed land adj. Cons. Comm./CR holdings Town
Blandford 150 FEE/CR Wooded hilltop and wetlands; headwaters Wigwam Brook Blandford
Charlemont 11.2 FEE Stream; field; woods; starting point for protected block
Chesterfield 159 CR Riverfront adj. state wildlife management areas
Chesterfield 40 CR Adjacent to other CR
Chesterfield 30 FEE Near Chesterfield SF DEM
Chesterfield 110 FEE On Westfield River / nr Chesterfield SF; Gorge; COE land
Chesterfield 20 FEE/CR Connector between Krug Sugar Bush and S.F. DEM/Hilltown Land Trust
Colrain 56 FEE Woodland on Kennedy Ridge
Colrain 55 FEE Woodland
Colrain 43 FEE/APR Fields critical to sheep farm; area of stunning farms Franklin Land Trust; conservation buyer
Cummington 169 FEE Addition to state recr. area; signif.habitat;W’field Brk DEM
Cummington 54.8 FEE 2 lots wooded land near TTOR reservation; Town center
Deerfield 1 FEE Deerfield R. boating access
Deerfield 7 FEE Keystone parcels for Pocumtuck Ridge corridor DEM/Deerfield LT
Deerfield 40 CR Ct. R. farmland; ~1600′ shoreline DEM
Deerfield 19.066 FEE Keystone parcels for Pocumtuck Ridge corridor DEM/Deerfield LT
Easthampton 27 FEE/APR East St. farmland and brook; local LT nature trail Pascommuck C.T.; TTOR; Town; DFA
Easthampton 72.67 FEE Barnes Aquifer watershed/Mt. Tom flank/Broad Bk. Town; Self Help Program
Easthampton 124 APR Orchard/wooded stream valley DFA; Easthampton
Gill 41 FEE French King Gorge / Rt. 2 / Ct. R./listed spp. DEM
Goshen 90 FEE Near DAR State Forest
Granby 7 FEE Marbled Salamander habitat; part of block Friends of Mt. Holyoke Range
Greenfield 68.4 FEE/FEE/CR Native American/geological site Friends of Wissatinnewag; DEM; USFWS
Greenfield 9 FEE Part of ridge corridor (Wissatinnewag to Town land) DEM
Hadley 19.6 FEE Grassland bird habitat Sweet Water Trust
Hadley 100 FEE Mt. Warner farmland DEM; DFW
Hadley 38 FEE Orchard on Mt. Warner DFA
Hadley 10 FEE Conn. R./Rte. 47 Kestrel Trust
Hadley 8 FEE Rt. 47 farmland
Hadley 68 FEE Lake Warner and dam Sweet Water Trust
Hadley 16 FEE Fort River
Hadley 2.5 FEE Dike and trail along Ct. R.
Hadley 12 CR Access easement to Hadley Cove birding site Hadley/Natural Resource Conservation Service
Hadley 38 APR Mt. Warner orchard adj. to Agassiz
Hadley 93 CR Hilltop keystone addition to 500 acre protected block Kestrel Trust; DEM
Hadley 12 APR/FEE Addition to protected APR block; scenic keystone Town of Hadley; conservation buyer; DFA
Hadley 27 FEE/APR Fields adj. Connecticut River ‘red rocks’/arch. site DEM; DFA
Hadley 31.5 APR/FEE Parcels along Russellville Brook in APR block DFA
Hadley 24 FEE Wetland along Russellville Brook; native trout
Hadley 6 FEE Ct. R. island
Hadley 20 APR Key parcel in important agricultural block DFA/Kestrel/Hadley
Hadley 8 FEE Connecticut River beach
Hadley 12 FEE Hillside parcel spans access road to Skinner SP DEM
Hadley 20 FEE Open field prominent in Skinner SP viewshed DEM
Hadley 16 FEE/APR Connecticut River ‘red rocks’/farmland/ archaeological DEM/DFA
Hadley 23 APR Classic farmstead along Slab Brook DFA; Hadley
Hadley 13 APR Classic farmstead along Slab Brook DFA; Hadley
Hampden 166 FEE Wooded mountainside & wildlife corridor/Scantic R. Hampden Land Project; Town
Hampden 92 FEE Wooded mountainside; wildlife corridor/Scantic R. Hampden Land Project;EOEA;Town;Norcross
Hatfield 10 FEE Watershed area
Hatfield 23 FEE Part of Hatfield Reservoir/The Rocks block Hatfield
Hatfield 11.7 FEE Part of Hatfield Reservoir/The Rocks block Hatfield
Hatfield 12.8 FEE Part of Hatfield Reservoir/The Rocks block Hatfield
Hatfield 2.8 FEE Part of Hatfield Reservoir/The Rocks block Hatfield
Hatfield 11 APR Tillable land in agricultural area DFA; Hatfield
Hatfield 10 FEE Ct. R. beach/boat launch
Hatfield 5 FEE Northampton watershed area
Hatfield 15.61 CR Watershed area
Hatfield 12 FEE Reservoir watershed/adj. other protected land Hatfield Conservation Commission
Hatfield 35 CR Woodland with vernal pool near road
Hatfield 18 FEE Reservoir watershed land with Chestnut Mt. peak
Hatfield 132 CR Ridgetop headwaters of Running Gutter Brook U.S. Forest Service; DEM; Town
Hatfield 40 APR Land with active greenhouses near other APR DFA; Hatfield
Hatfield 47 APR Farmland and woods near Great Pond DFA; Hatfield
Heath/Colrain 97 FEE Pristine woodland addition to HO Cook State Forest
Holyoke 198 FEE Old growth oak; vernal pools; Little Mt. Tom DEM
Holyoke/S’ton/E’ton 102 CR Small farm on slopes of Mt. Tom Easthampton/DEP
Huntington 6.5 FEE Open field along riverbank Hilltown Land Trust; ad hoc group
Leverett 38 FEE Scenic outlook
Leverett 100 FEE Mount Toby
Leverett 30 FEE/CR Meadow section of wildlife corridor
Leverett 51 FEE Brook and M-M trail corridor
Leyden/Bernardston 200 FEE Woodland parcel near Collis APR and Herron Farm
Longmeadow 118 FEE/CR Ct. R. floodplain farm adj. Fannie Stebbins Refuge Longmeadow CC/TNC/DEM
Monson 179 APR Scenic orchard with woodland Opacum Land Trust; Trustees of Reservations; DFA
Montague 10 APR Farmland
Montague 50 APR Strawberry farm with 1/2 mile Conn. R. frontage
Montague 70 CR/APR Farm on Sawmill R.
Montague 51 FEE Farm on Ct. R.
Montague 10 FEE Ct. R. bluff/Hatchery Brook
Northampton 88 FEE Fitzgerald Lake Conserv. Area
Northampton 2.35 FEE Access to Roberts Hill overlook Northampton
Northampton 3 FEE Mill River shoreline
Northampton 66 FEE Woodland/trails
Northampton 10 FEE Fitzgerald Lake cons. area inholding Northampton
Northampton 5.5 FEE Fitzgerald Lake cons. area access
Northampton 161 FEE Wetland and old orchard Broad Brook Coalition/Northampton
Northampton 30 FEE/CR/APR??? Woods and fields/adj. to Micka APR City of Northampton
Northampton 15 FEE Addition to Fitzgerald Lake Conservation Area Town; Broad Brook Coalition
N’ton/E’ton 55 APR Hilltop orchard/vegetable farm Northampton; DFA
Orange 24 FEE/CR Addition to Whetstone Wood Wildlife Sanctuary Mass. Audubon Society
Pelham/Shutesbury 312 APR/CR Farm
Shutesbury 68 FEE Woods; wetlands; fields
Shutesbury 50 FEE Woods adjoining Town Beach at Lake Wyola Town
South Hadley 56.2 FEE/CR Elmer Brook and Holyoke Range
South Hadley 16 FEE/CR Woodland on Holyoke Range
South Hadley 68 CR Trail access/spectacular views of Range
South Hadley 6 FEE Holyoke Range
South Hadley 16 FEE Marbled Salamander habitat; part of block Friends of Mt. Holyoke Range
South Hadley 33 FEE Next-to-last piece in Mt. Holyoke/Ct. corridor DEM
South Hadley 11.7 FEE Marbled Salamander habitat; part of block Kestrel; Friends of Mt. Holyoke Range
South Hadley 13.8 FEE/CR Marbled Salamander habitat; part of block Kestrel; SH Cons. Comm.
South Hadley 32 FEE Bald on Holyoke Range; part of salamander habitat Friends of Mt. Holyoke Range
Southampton 130 FEE NHESP priority/fields/Broad Brook/Barnes Aquifer Town CC; NHESP-DFW
Southampton 90 APR Portion of farm DFA
Southwick 150 FEE Hayfields and wetlands with seven ponds Town; Self-Help
Southwick 65 CR Honeypot Road wetlands complex; state-listed spp. Winding River LC/Town/Self-Help/DFW/Sweet W
Sunderland 41 FEE Scenic area near Mt. Toby
Sunderland 5 FEE Inholding on Mt. Toby
Sunderland 8 FEE Chard Pond/Conn. River-front forest
Sunderland 46 FEE Mt. Toby caves
Sunderland 21 FEE/CR Mt. Toby meadows Local group; DEM; Town
Sunderland 10.5 FEE Slopes of Mt. Toby; near Robert Frost Trail
Sunderland 20.4 APR One of two remaining parcels in Rt. 47 APR block DFA; Town
Sunderland 20 APR Landlocked field with tobacco barn in agricultural block DFA
Warwick 2.3 FEE State forest addition
Warwick 25 FEE Bog and woodland in Orange SF
Wendell 14 FEE Millers River
Wendell 40 FEE Wendell S.F.
Wendell 13 FEE Wildlife habitat Mass. Audubon Society
Wendell 77 FEE Watershed area
Wendell 0.37 FEE Controls access to Whetstone Wood Sanctuary Mass. Audubon Society
West Springfield 1.2 FEE Ct. R. access
West Springfield 0.5 FEE Westfield River access across fr. Robinson S.P.
West Springfield 11.5 FEE Bald eagle nesting site; floodplain; 650′ Ct. R. bank DFW
Westfield 16 FEE Westfield R. front
Westfield 29 FEE Woodland tract Winding River Land Conservancy
Westfield 32 FEE Connects two APR parcels; wetlands and vernal pools Winding River Land Conservancy; Self-Help; Town
Westhampton 272 FEE Peak of Mt. Pisgah; adjacent to protected land Hilltown Land Trust
Westhampton 90 FEE Woodland near existing and potential protected land Hilltown Land Trust
Whately 19.9 FEE Borrow pit pond
Whately 19.9 FEE Borrow pit pond
Whately 20 FEE 20 acre woodlot nr. DFW land DFW
Williamsburg/Ch’field 243 CR extensive woodland with stream landowner donation
Worthington 135 APR ‘Airport’ section of potato farm
Worthington 81 APR Farmland (`Smith Farm’ parcel)
FEE=full title | CR=Conservation Restriction | APR=Agricultural Preservation Restriction
DFA=Dept. of Food & Agric. (now DAR) | DEM=Dept. of Env. Management (now DCR) | DFW=Div. of Fisheries & Wildlife (now DFG)
NHESP=Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program | Ct R=Connecticut River | CC=conservation commission | LT=land trust the best site to buy replica watches online. High quality watches, unbeatable prices, and fast shipping!