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The Connecticut River Valley and surrounding hills contain some of the most beautiful, unspoiled landscape in the eastern United States. Rolling hills provide spectacular vistas of fertile, green farmlands, mixed hardwood forests, historic villages and the blue meandering ribbon of the Connecticut Valley.

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The land is our common heritage. It is our link to the past, defining the character of our communities, and offering opportunities for recreation and refuge from urbanization. The protection of land is critical to ensure our continued high quality of life, the availability of fresh farm produce, pure drinking water and habitat for endangered wildlife species.

Today, these resources are threatened. The Connecticut Valley, which has for years been insulated from overpopulation and uncontrolled urbanization, is now experiencing severe growth pains. Realtors are offering farmers premium prices to divide crop and pastureland into house lots. There is a real threat that some of the best of the Valley’s unique landscapes will be lost forever beneath the bulldozer’s blade, and obscured by parking lots and tract houses.


The goal of the Fund is land protection. It is working right now to protect the very best of the Connecticut Valley’s unique landscapes, including prime farmland, significant archaeologic sites, important wildlife areas.

The Fund works to permanently protect these and other land types throughout Franklin, Hampden and Hampshire Counties to be enjoyed and appreciated by future generations. By judicious and creative application of its money, the Fund can secure a significant amount of land in these special areas. The Fund will work cooperatively with state agencies, conservation organizations and commissions to enhance their land-saving efforts.

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VLF is currently working with the United State Fish and Wildlife Service, the City of Northampton and an anonymous donor to save over 140 acres of wetlands and floodplain forest in the heart of the Northampton Meadows, near the banks of the Connecticut River. The assessed value of this land is over $225,000, but its environmental and scenic value is far greater, as is hinted at by the above photo.

While its pristine quality makes it somewhat inaccessible, there are tentative plans to lead a hiking or kyaking trip through this land in May or June. For more information, email [email protected]. A map of the general area where this property is located may be seen here.


Bidding Deadline: April 23, 2007

Valley Land Fund (VLF) is seeking proposals from farmers for the purchase of three individual properties totaling more than 70 acres of prime agricultural land in the Pioneer Valley. Each of these properties was purchased to prevent its development and to preserve it for active farm use under the state-managed Agricultural Preservation Restriction program. VLF seeks proposals for each of the properties individually, but also welcomes proposals that include multiple properties. For more information, pictures, and maps of each property see this pdf file (requires Acrobat Reader).

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